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Nadia Morrow

Human-Centered Computing PhD Student

About Me

Hello, I am Nadia Morrow, a PhD Student at the University of Florida. Currently, my research interest is how to leverage technology to help address issues of accessibility and race in cs education. My pursuit of doctorate is to help address gaps in cs education involving race and access so that more technology is build inclusively, develop teaching practices and classrooms that allow for a more diverse student population, and reduce barriers of entry for these populations in cs education.

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Research Interest: HCI, Accessibility, Social Good, Societal Problems

Relevant Experience

May 2023 - Present

May 2023 - Aug 2023

Research Assistant

University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

  • Under the advisement of Dr. Juan Gilbert:
    • Investigate papers for relevant information to potential projects on generative ai, cs education and accessibility
    • Investigate concepts and methods for the positive use of generative ai in the classroom
    • Develop an outline of project direction with Dr. Amanda Holloman on the utility of generative ai in education

Research Intern

Georgia Institute of Technology Research Institute, Atlanta, GA

  • Under the advisement of Dr. Branden Stone:
    • Coordinate 3-person team to develop the multi-part project
    • Prototype and develop interactive dashboard with real-time capabilities
    • Develop preliminary relevant literature for team project introduction
    • Present project details for critique and introduction, and draft research report

Jan 2023 - May 2023

Research Intern

St. Mary’s University Computer Science Department, San Antonio, TX

  • In collaboration with Dr. Darren Wheelock and Dr. Patrick Lowery
    • Continued the statistical analysis of a risk assessment instrument’s validity in R Studio
    • Investigate 12 bias detection algorithms and methods papers to implement in the analysis of the risk assessment instrument
    • Implement multiple bias detection algorithms and methods on dataset of 7,264 assessments to check if the instrument’s bias

May 2022 - Dec. 2023

  • Under the mentorship of Dr. Darren Wheelock
    • Responsible for implementing Python code to sanitize data for further analysis in R
    • Coordinate with a team to investigate the different quantitative and qualitative findings on correlation of electronic monitoring and Youth Assessment Screening Instrument on Milwaukee County’s Juvenile Justice System

Research Intern

Marquette University Center for Urban, Research, Teaching and Outreach (CURTO), Milwaukee, WI

Education & Volunteering

Doctorate of Philosophy in Human-Centered Computing

University of Florida

Expected 2028

GEM Fellow and Dean’s Fellow

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science

St. Mary’s University


Magna Cum Laude

Voluneer BeMyEyes Technician

Massachusetts Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired

April 2023 - present

Volunteered to help blind or visually impaired individuals with daily activities via their mobile phone.

Cat Care Volunteer

Humane Society of North Central Florida

August 2023 - present

Create a safe and comforting environment for cats and kittens in the shelter by cleaning, feeding and socializing with them.

Skills, Languages & Interests


Programming Languages

  • Python (Experienced), C/C++ (Experienced), C# (Proficient), R (Proficient), SQL (Proficient)

Programming Concepts

  • Object-Oriented Programming, Structure Programming, Machine Learning, Mobile Programming, Database Management System, Assembly Language, Compiler Writing, Language Design


Fluent in English

Beginner in Chinese

Beginner in Haitian Creole

Beginner in Spanish


I enjoy reading historical books, learning about different cultures via cooking cultural food, learning their languages, and watching native shows, and traveling around the world. In the future, I hope to become a polygot and learn the native languages to the places I visit.

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Nadia Morrow

Main Email: morrow.nadia@ufl.edu

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